How to Install Metype on Wordpress ?


Follow these steps to install our complete audience engagement solution for your Wordpress site:
  • Visit Metype, Click on Get Started for a free plan or choose a plan that suits your need. Enter the required details and proceed to create an account.
  • Once your account is created, You will be redirected to Under the Embed Metype section you’ll find Account ID.
    Make a note of your Metype Account ID.
  • Now visit your WordPress admin page. E.g. Go to Plugins —> Add new, Search for Metype. You’ll find Metype by Quintype Technologies India Pvt Ltd
  • Install and Activate the plugin. You will now be able to see Metype on the left hand side of the WordPress admin page.
    Enter your Metype Account ID, review your settings and Save Changes and you ready to go.
Note: The Metype Account ID is the one you had noted down in Step 5; available in —> Embed Metype.
The Metype commenting widget will now begin to appear in all of your WordPress pages.